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Protection of public buildings

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Protection of public buildings – a specialist protection of public buildings from different industries.

Security in public buildings is crucial. Having no experience and knowledge, it may be difficult or even impossible for a company owner to provide security, especially in large facilities. We would be very happy to replace you by providing professional protection for your facilities. We ensure the security and safety of both employees and people visiting facilities such as: offices, post offices, railway stations, hotels, shopping centres, universities, hospitals and banks. Our workers will be wherever you need them to be.

What can we offer?

We offer our Customers a professional protection of public buildings. As already mentioned above, we also provide safety of your employees working in the facility, as well as people visiting it. We tailor our services to individual Customer needs, but above all to the site. Depending on your requirements, our staff protecting the facility may be uniformed, dressed in traditional “combat” uniforms or suits.

If you are interested in the offer of our security company – please contact us. We operate within the whole Polish territory!

Why choosing us:

High quality

We have a specialised, high-quality electronic equipment allowing for effective protection of a facility and its property.
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Protection system

We adapt the protection system and optional alarm system to the nature of the facility, considering any previous concerns and expectations of the Customer.
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Affordable costs

We provide protection at the highest level while maintaining affordable and competitive price of the service.
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Qualified staff

Our team consists of qualified and licensed security personnel who have undergone training on nature of work in different places.
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