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A professional protection of home, residence or apartment building for everyone.

More and more citizens decide to use our professional home security services. Our offer is addressed not only to the owners of expensive properties, but also to every owner of a single-family house. Property owners usually contact us upon completion of their homes – however, let us also remember, that every moment is good to benefit from our home security offer.

What can we offer?

Our home security offer consists in installation of a high-quality alarm system which is used to obtain information on possible dangerous situations, for example, a burglary. The signal from the system is transmitted directly to our patrol team, allowing our security staff to quickly and efficiently intervene. It is worth mentioning that we approach each customer individually and we adjust our home security systems to their needs and the nature of the property. Each system we design is created to provide our Customers with the highest possible security level, while keeping the lowest possible costs. We guarantee full confidentiality and professionalism of our staff providing security of your property.

Why choosing us:

High quality

We have a high-quality professional equipment to design and create an efficient protection of every property.
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Trouble-free operation

The security system is designed and performed by a team of our experienced and skilled employees.
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Full safety

The system provides full security and protection against burglary, theft or fire.
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Highest standard

The staff protecting our Customer's house is always characterized by courtesy and impeccable look.
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