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A convoy is a perfect solution for companies who want to safely transport cash and other valuables.

As the owner of the company rotating huge amount of cash every day, you know very well how important is to properly transport it. Our understanding of the word “properly” is safely and effectively reaching the destination. Not only banks and large retail chains benefit from convoy services – the service has also become quite popular among companies in completely different industries. Therefore, the public awareness is growing – people know that there is no place for compromise or securing the transport by themselves when carrying valuables.

What can we offer?

We offer our customers professional convoy services. We may provide a cash or other valuables transport service or to ensure protection of your employees involved in the transport of your valuable assets. Our offer includes:

  • escorting cash and non-monetary items,
  • security during transport of valuables
  • transport of valuables as a collection service (a principal’s employee does not take part in convoying).

Our offer is addressed to both large enterprises and smaller companies.

If you are interested in the offer of our security company – please contact us. We operate within the whole Polish territory!

Why choosing us:
konwoje 1---uslugi na najwyzszym poziomie

The highest level of services

We have professionally prepared procedures to ensure our clients performance of security services at the highest level.
konwoje 2 - nowoczesna flota

Modern fleet

We have a modern fleet which is suitable for transportation of cash and valuables.
konwoje 3--gps

Modern tracking systems

Vehicles designed for convoys are not only properly adapted but also equipped with a number of systems, including GPS.
konwoje 4--pracownicy

Trained staff

Our convoy team consists of experienced and skilled security personnel with licenses.
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