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Smart home – a way to lead a comfortable, safe and cost-effective family and professional life.

Using smart home protection, you do not have to be afraid of long trips. With our service, you can rest assured that your home is completely safe. Our offer includes electrical wiring and alarm systems, it is also possible to program presence simulation or connect smart cameras. How does it all work? See our offer for more details.

What can we offer?

To provide better protection, the electrical wiring system is connected not only with the alarm system, but also with many other sensors, such as smoke detector or humidity sensor. The system receives signals from the sensors, thus effectively protecting your home against various unexpected situations such as fire, burglary or failures. Obviously, it is necessary to properly integrate the system with your home.

Presence simulation is a function that allows to reduce the risk of breaking and entering during our longer trips. This is all because of the system that stores the actions performed in your home before you leave. This mainly refers to operating roller shutters, TV and lamps. When you leave your home, the system automatically performs the actions, so everything seems to indicate that your are at home.

It is also possible to install a smart lock which automatically recognizes you when entering and exiting the house. This solution provides both safety and comfort – when you leave the house all the lights will turn off or the roller shutters will close. All this depends only on your preferences and settings.

If you are interested in the offer of our security company – please contact us. We operate within the whole Polish territory!

Why choosing us:
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High quality

We have a high-quality professional equipment to design and create an efficient protection of the smart home.
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Trouble-free operation

The system is installed and performed by a team of our experienced and skilled employees, that allows us to provide you with a trouble-free performance.
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Alarm tailored to your needs

Each system is designed individually to meet expectations of our Customers and adapted to the nature of the property, using a modern high-quality equipment.
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The system not only provides safety and protection against burglary, theft or fire, but also comfortable conditions for living.
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