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Physical security of facilities

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Physical security of facilities includes customised solutions tailored to the situation, ensuring maximum safety.

Our physical security of facilities service is addressed to business owners of all sizes in many industries. Our experience, knowledge and high quality equipment enable us to provide a top-level comprehensive protection of facilities of various size, located in different places. Our offer is addressed to people who want to ensure a professional protection of life, health and property and to guard against the occurrence of all kinds of offences in the area of their facility. We tailor the range of services to our Customers needs and nature of their activities. All our actions are based on previously conducted analysis of both internal and external risks.

What can we offer?

Professional physical security of facilities, including:

  • Industrial facilities
  • Commercial facilities
  • Warehouse and logistics centres
  • Office buildings
  • Public facilities
  • Construction sites
  • Housing estates
  • Other facilities

With our experienced and skilled personnel, we are able to ensure security of any facility. We can mark the protected facility with a “protected property” information plate or provide intervention patrols at the Customer’s request. Both solutions are to be provided for information and preventive purposes.

If you are interested in the offer of our security company – please contact us. We operate within the whole Polish territory!

Why choosing us:

Specialised equipment

We have high-quality specialised equipment - to be installed inside the building, but also to equip the staff.
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Well thought-out security strategy

We perform analysis of the risks exposures that may occur in the facility and on such a basis we design a security system.
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Affordable costs

The goal of the security and alarm systems is to provide the highest security level at low cost.
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Professional look

The security staff are dressed in traditional suit to ensure a professional appearance.
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