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We use modern camera systems manufactured by the world leaders in the property security industry. Cameras with motion detection and recording at night will provide you, your family and friends with a professional security. Make your home safe before it’s too late – call us today!

We only offer modern cameras enabling a quick response when any dangerous situation occurs. The cameras can be connected in one integral network thus creating a monitoring for your house or apartment. It is an extremely comfortable and effective security tool. It is also worth remembering that the cameras and alarm systems offered by our company are very easy to use. Both solutions provide an effective protection against any attempted burglary or theft of your property.

What can we offer?

Modern cameras enabling live viewing access from anywhere in the world, by connecting to the global Internet network. They protect your property against burglary, fire or other hazards. Depending on the selected model, the system may include passive infrared sensors detecting motion and sensors with high definition image recording, even at night. Once the sensor is triggered, a predetermined operation procedure starts – if the camera system is connected to an alarm system, its activation results in the arrival of the intervention group too.

If you are interested in the offer of our security company – please contact us. We operate within the whole Polish territory!

Why choosing us:

Monitoring system

The CCTV system can also be connected to alarm system - in case of danger our intervention group will always be available to help you.
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Live preview

Enjoy a preview of your house or apartment on your smart phone from anywhere in the world.

Modern equipment

Modern cameras with motion detection and high definition monitoring, also at night.
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Experienced staff

The CCTV system is designed and performed by a team of our experienced and skilled employees.
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